Category: Wikimedia

  • Shallow insights into the Wikimedia Community

    Half the points I (try to) make about The Wikimedia Community really are not “deep insights based off my 10+ years volunteering”, nor things I’ve figured out in my year-and-a-bit working for the Foundation in a community-facing-ish role. They’re common sense.

  • Updates, Involvement, and Psychosis

    Since I last wrote about editing Wikimedia projects, quite a bit has changed — I’m not entirely sure if writing in detail about what happened is a good idea, nor am I sure why I’m even writing this at all, but I suppose we’ll just see how this post goes…

  • 2022 Arbitration Committee Elections

    Each year, I tell myself I’m going to write a useful guide for this fun little event, and each year I fail to do so. So this year, as a treat, you get to see what my self-nomination statement would have been!

  • Volunteer first

    My personality revolves around Wikimedia, much to the irritation of those who are unlucky enough to know me — having gone from a long-term volunteer to a paid member of staff is awesome and literally my dream job.

  • Slam poetry from a Wikipedia sockpuppet

    tl;dr – a blocked sockpuppet was complaining on their talk page, and it made for some awesome slam poetry

  • 2021 Arbitration Committee Elections

    It’s that time of the year again where we subject those brave few to the criticisms of the community at large, and select those we wish to represent us on the Arbitration Committee.

  • 2021 CUOS appointments

    I can remember the joy of CUOS2017 like it was yesterday. It’s a different sort of nerves than what RfA does to you, namely because you know the majority of the discussion goes on behind the scenes.

  • C-Bomb

    Civility on the English Wikipedia is a surprisingly derisive topic – you wouldn’t think that “don’t be a dick” would cause a reaction other than “yeah, good idea”.

  • Emotional

    I’ve been having a bit of an emotional moment with Wikipedia – that would normally mean being a bit miffed at the wiki-politics, but lately its been a bit of a realisation that many of the editors I “started editing with” are disappearing, either fading away in activity or in the rare heartbreaking case, passing…

  • Can’t U5 this!

    I’ve toyed with the idea of a Wikipedia-focused blog for a little while – somewhere to more verbosely give my thoughts than the odd saracastic quip at ANI, but still detached enough that I don’t get in too much trouble for what I say.