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What’s this, a code goose blog post!? I’m so sorry..

I’m a bit of a Cloudflare fangirl. All my sites, personal and business, have sat behind Cloudflare for a long time. I tend to convert any new clients or employers to using them for DNS at the very least.

I was initially attracted by the free SSL certificates, but I’ve ended up realising over the years that Cloudflare offer a lot more. Not to mention the fact they must have a pretty awesome marketing department too. Cloudflare merch please?

I’ve recently been meaning to have a play with Cloudflare Pages – their free JAMstack hosting thing. So given that was just a plain HTML page kept in a GitHub repo, it seemed like a good one to pick for my testing.

I configured the build

To be entirely honest, setting up the “build configuration” was a little confusing, and CF loses a couple of TNT points here.

For plain HTML there is absolutely no setup needed, but that isn’t obvious. A little note suggesting that wouldn’t go amiss…

Like my cooking, this is best left untouched

The initial “build” took a few minutes (which confused me), but once complete I had a staging URL I could check out. So far, so good…

I added a custom domain

I obviously wanted this hosted at, and because this domain was already on Cloudflare, adding the custom domain was as simple as clicking a button and automagically adding a CNAME.

Oh hi again free SSL

I committed a change

As Pages integrates with a git repository, any new commits automatically triggers a re-build.

This took long enough that I started to worry

I watched as everything broke

Okay, so when I did this yesterday I may have made a slight error.. by directing my site to Cloudflare Pages (via that CNAME), this blog (originally at was now attempting to be served by CF. Oooops.

Now, I’m sure some clever nerd shit (using a _redirect file, seeing as I couldn’t add a .htaccess) would have fixed that, but I had a “simple solution”….

I moved the blog to, and used some sneaky 301 redirects to make sure y’all can still read my amazing posts if you click an old link.

Next up, converting away from just pure HTML to using something like Jekyll

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