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I’ve been having a bit of an emotional moment with Wikipedia – that would normally mean being a bit miffed at the wiki-politics, but lately its been a bit of a realisation that many of the editors I “started editing with” are disappearing, either fading away in activity or in the rare heartbreaking case, passing away.

There’s some editors who have made a real lasting impression, to me personally and to the project as a whole. When they disappear, we notice. It made me think about what exactly it is that makes people stick in my mind.

My fondest memories to date have been the casual chats on IRC with editors I’ve come to know, those random emails asking how things are going, the advice given about tricky situations. None of these memories are marred by wiki-politics, regardless of if that was the topic of the chat.

My advice to you, dear reader? Be nice, try not to get sucked into the politics of editing too much, maybe let an editor you interact with a lot know how much you appreciate them – they might be gone before you get the chance.

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