2021 CUOS appointments

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Don’t panic, this is a nice post.

I became a CheckUser and Oversighter back in 2017, but I can remember the joy of CUOS2017 like it was yesterday. It’s a different sort of nerves than what RfA does to you, namely because you know the majority of the discussion goes on behind the scenes.

The process

The Arbitration Committee tweaks the procedure a little each year, but its mostly the same – prospective functionaries contact the committee with their self-nomination, the current crop of functionaries voice their objections support and then they’re given to the community to rip to shreds give constructive criticism.

Hopeful functionaries can put themselves forward for either the CheckUser permission, the Oversight permission or both.


I debated this section quite a bit – is it really fair to name users and give individual opinions? Eh, maybe/maybe not, but I’ve only got good things to say, so its a bit of a moot point…

So, in no real order, here’s the 2021 candidates;

Ferret (CheckUser)

An admin since January 2017, Ferret is more than technically capable of using the CU tool and understanding the results – they, like the majority of the users here, possess the primary skill I look for: the ability to ask for help.

RoySmith (CheckUser)

I often see RoySmith at SPI, so that already meets my “would reduce my workload” criteria. Any SPI clerk is a good catch for the CU team, as they know their stuff.

GeneralNotability (CheckUser & Oversight)

I’ll go on the record for my bias here – I chat to GeneralNotability a fair amount, so I’ve very familiar with his understanding of both the CheckUser and Oversight tool (and policy). GN is another SPI clerk who knows their stuff, and is technically minded.

Plus he wrote https://bullseye.toolforge.org which I’ve been meaning to blog about..

Girth Summit (CheckUser & Oversight)

Girth is an admin who inspires me – there’s no many who keep their cool as reliability as they do! A SPI clerk with clue, this user is Summit else (ok. ok.) and would be a great addition.

LuK3 (Oversight)

Probably the user I know the least about, but LuK3 is still a name I know (and not even for bad reasons!) – I’m still not entirely sure why they’ve only gone for Oversight, but I have absolutely zero concerns.

Dreamy Jazz (CheckUser & Oversight)

The clerk’s clerk (SPI, ArbCom, probably more…), Dreamy Jazz is another admin who I know from SPI – becoming a SPI clerk prior to going for CU seems to be the “done thing”, and I’m pretty glad about that to be honest.

William Alciphron Boring, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Yeah, sorry – no hidden hatred for any of these candidates! May I placate you with a “hot take” though?

When will we have enough people with CU/OS? Is there an upper limit? My take here is that for CheckUser – not really. Having more (active) CUs isn’t a bad thing.

When we talk oversight though, its a bit of a different question. The point of oversighting something is to drastically reduce the number of people who can see a given bit of content – more oversighters means more people who potentially could..

Food for thought.


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