There’s no time, nor place to say it

  • SSH: Bad configuration option: usekeychain

    I synchronise my .ssh/config file between my laptops, including some Linux and macOS ones. On Mac, it’s quite nice to be able to use the UseKeychain option to store SSH passphrases in the secure keychain thing.. until you then try to use the same config file on Linux that is..!

  • Docbook — failed to load external entity

    How I fixed the ‘failed to load external entity “”‘ error — install ‘docbook-xml’ ?!?

  • Shallow insights into the Wikimedia Community

    Half the points I (try to) make about The Wikimedia Community really are not “deep insights based off my 10+ years volunteering”, nor things I’ve figured out in my year-and-a-bit working for the Foundation in a community-facing-ish role. They’re common sense.

  • BlueSkys ahead?

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the latest “Twitter Alternative” BlueSky Social, and it’s AT Protocol — I’ve set off to understand what the latest social media hype was about.

  • php-ast on PHP 8.2 (Windows)

    php-ast by nikic exposes the abstract syntax tree generated by PHP 7 and 8 — nikic currently only provides pre-built Windows DLLs up to PHP v8.1, and building it yourself can be a minor hassle.

  • A quick(ish) fix for expired GPG repo keys

    Fixing expired GPG repo keys in one line (normally)….

  • Updates, Involvement, and Psychosis

    Since I last wrote about editing Wikimedia projects, quite a bit has changed — I’m not entirely sure if writing in detail about what happened is a good idea, nor am I sure why I’m even writing this at all, but I suppose we’ll just see how this post goes…

  • 2022 Arbitration Committee Elections

    Each year, I tell myself I’m going to write a useful guide for this fun little event, and each year I fail to do so. So this year, as a treat, you get to see what my self-nomination statement would have been!

  • Volunteer first

    My personality revolves around Wikimedia, much to the irritation of those who are unlucky enough to know me — having gone from a long-term volunteer to a paid member of staff is awesome and literally my dream job.

  • Fixing a faulty Roomba charger

    Our Roomba (a old 533 pet series) stopped charging after a particularly nasty lightning storm and blackout – some initial testing, and guess work, narrowed the problem down to the charger and thankfully not the Roomba itself.